Privacy Has Been Invaded

Now think with me about it… how much privacy do you have…maybe everything is public?

You swipe a bank card at a gas pump and you’ve just given your most vital information away with a motion so simple you might as will have waved goodbye.

You send an email and the system records the content, the date stamp, the sender, the recipient and now the recipient has been captured and recorded for interests noted within the content you sent, whether the recipient shares the same interest with you are not.

You step through a scanner at the airport, and there’s no need for me to tell you how much information you just gave away…more up to date info than your mother has on you.

You have been caught on camera by more photo lens and infra red beams than most early film stars ever enjoyed…and the sequencing of that video information can digitally record your every step and contrivance for city block after city block. If you were in any radial view of an atm or shop security camera whether inside an establishment or on the public walkway, you were at no time in a private position.

Scratches in places the public shouldn’t see you scratch are all revealed in these prying eyes. You do have your rights…but when do you discover if your right to privacy has been violated? When it becomes public!

So, how many times have you been violated today?  Just look around, you may be surprised at the answer even as you read this post.

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